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Meet Rick

Who am I and why am I running for school board?

Public education matters.  My brother and I were raised by a hardworking single mom. My childhood was not always easy, but there was one thing that supplied me with a sense of safety, comfort and stability: my school and my teachers.


Public schools provided me with a comprehensive education, fostered my intellectual curiosity, and offered the support I needed to fill in the gaps I had in my home life. Early on, I knew that education was the path to success, and that my teachers were there to get me on that path.


My success in school was fueled by the teachers who inspired me. My middle school German teacher, Frau Kimmer, introduced the value of respecting different cultures and my high school algebra teacher, Mr. Nace, sparked my interest in analytics. Public education set me on a path to graduate with an economics degree from  Rutgers University and an MBA from Villanova University. 


Today, I have a successful career in marketing and social media for an international security business. I am married to an amazing, compassionate teacher. Thanks to her and educators like her, I know our teachers deserve to be respected for their education and expertise. They deserve our trust and respect. I am also a father of two incredible young women. My oldest is a junior at Towson University, majoring in art history and minoring in museum studies while playing Division I lacrosse, and my youngest is a senior in Central Bucks, who plans on majoring in industrial engineering and playing Division 2 lacrosse next year at University of Alabama Huntsville. Even though I have been blessed to provide my daughters with many of the things that I wasn’t able to have as a child, public schools have still played a significant role in the strong, capable young women they are today.


Public education matters, and this is why I am running for school board.


Every student deserves a school where they feel safe and where they can thrive and learn about all aspects of the world.


Every teacher deserves to work in an environment where they are trusted, supported, and valued.


Every stakeholder deserves leaders and administrators who inspire and facilitate an atmosphere that is inclusive and empowering.


As your elected School Board Director, I will work tirelessly to make that happen.


  • I will listen to students, teachers, experts, and community members when making decisions that impact 17,000+ students and our entire community.

  • I will advocate for public education and make sure our schools meet the needs of each child because democracy thrives when schools are fair and inclusive.

  • I will make fiscally responsible decisions that support the whole child and leaders who work to inspire creativity and innovation in teachers and students.

  • I will aspire to make CBSD a place that attracts the top teachers, administrators and support staff who strive for academic success and excellence in our students.


As your School Board Director, I plan to work for every student, every day, no matter what it takes.

Every student deserves to have a school where teachers feel trusted, supported and valued to be their creative selves and are able to welcome every student to equitable and safe spaces where they can thrive and learn about all aspects of the world.

Rick Haring


Why do I care

Public education and the Central Bucks School District is important to my family

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